Crusher Machine Prices In Pakistan

Crusher Machine Prices In Pakistan

Development history of Crusher Machine

Modern Crusher Machines were created after the gradual improvement and popularization of steam engines and electric motors. Roller Crusher Machines powered by steam engines appeared in 1806; Jaw Crusher Machines for breaking rocks were invented in 1858 by Blake of the United States; rotary Crusher Machines with continuous crushing action were developed in 1878 in the United States, and their production efficiency was higher than jaw Crusher Machines with intermittent crushing action; in 1895, William of the United States invented a lower energy consumption.

The world's top jaw Crusher Machine is designed and manufactured by American E.W. Black (Black). Its structure is double elbow plate type (simple swing type) jaw Crusher Machine. The jaw Crusher Machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, small volume and height. It is still widely used in crushing hard, medium hard, soft ore and various materials, such as various ores, solvents, slag, building stone, marble and so on.

Generally used jaw Crusher Machine Crusher Machine is 4 ~ 6, and small jaw Crusher Machine can sometimes reach 10. Large, medium Crusher Machine feed strength can reach 1000 ~ 2000 mm, its product size can reach 20 ~ 250 mm, small Crusher Machine and new fine Crusher Machine jaw Crusher Machine products can be more fine. Jaw Crusher Machine can be used for coarse crushing operations, and can also be used for medium and fine operations. In particular, it is used for downhole crushing operations and medium and small-sized mobile crushing devices.

The working principle of jaw Crusher Machine is that the material entering the crushing chamber is crushed by extrusion, splitting, bending and impact by periodic swinging motion of movable jaw plate near or away from the fixed jaw plate. After crushing, the material is discharged from the discharge port by the downward thrust of the self weight or the jaw plate. The jaw Crusher Machine is a crushing machine which crushes or crushes all kinds of hard materials by the extrusion and bending action of the two jaw plates according to the trajectory, structure, suspension and support mode of the jaw plate. The crushing mechanism is composed of a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. The material is broken when the two jaw plates are close. When the two jaw plates leave, the material less than the discharge port is discharged from the bottom. Its crushing action is intermittent. The Crusher Machine is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate and ceramics industries because of its simple structure, reliable operation and the ability to crush hard materials.

By the 1980s, the feed size of a large jaw Crusher Machine that crushes 800 tons of materials per hour has reached about 1800 millimeters. There are two kinds of jaw Crusher Machine commonly used: double elbow plate and single elbow plate. The former is called simple swinging jaw Crusher Machine because it only swings in a simple arc while working; the latter is called complex swinging jaw Crusher Machine because it moves up and down while swinging in an arc.

Shibang Industrial Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise which mainly produces heavy-duty mining machinery and integrates scientific research, production and sales. It has introduced advanced technology and technology from the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, established international advanced production lines and modern testing bases, and established a sand and stone machine laboratory, grinding machine laboratory, mineral processing equipment laboratory. With scientific management methods, excellence in manufacturing technology and innovative manufacturing concepts, the company has grown rapidly into a production and export base of mining machinery in China.

Shibang regards quality as its life, and always follows the quality policy of being responsible for every process, every product and every user, serving customers wholeheartedly. Now all products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the company's production of "Shibang" brand machine is a well-known brand in China. Reliable and stable quality makes our company's production and sales volume and various comprehensive economic indicators in the forefront of the domestic industry, tens of thousands of users throughout the country, and exported to more than 30 countries.

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