Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher

Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher Lubrication Failure

There are many reasons for the failure of the Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher , bearing wear, box cracks, screw cutting, coupling damage, surface corrosion, lubrication failures are common Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher failure, and lubrication failure is the most common of these Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher failure There are mainly the following forms:

Not Working, Power Loss.


Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher in the course of their work, the transmission parts often stuck, intermittent operation and uneven operation and so on, in this case, the device can not pass the normal load transfer, movement and energy loss is particularly large.

Vibration, High Noise, Serious Environmental Pollution.

After the Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher is started, sometimes there will be a greater vibration phenomenon, in this case, the serious pollution of the environment, the production site loss of security, affecting production.

Temperature Is Too High, Thermal Deformation, Causing Damage.

Reducer parts work for a period of time, the tank temperature rise sharply, and sometimes smoke, serious oil spills, in this case, due to the box body temperature is too high, some parts will be integrated with the failure of some hot parts Large deformation, the accuracy will decline, there will be abnormal damage, but also reduce the material strength, causing damage.


Gear and other major parts, if the film between the mating surface rupture, tooth surface failure.

Reducer parts in the course of work, all kinds of parts may be damaged, but the highest probability of damage due to scrap parts are these gear pairs, turbine pairs, bearings and other key components of meshing transmission. Under severe working conditions, they can not form a good oil film between the mating surfaces or break down quickly. Therefore, pitting, cementing, plastic deformation, severe abrasion and impact are generated on the gear pair, the turbine pair and the bearing surface Fracture welding and other tooth surface failure form, so that the Robo Sand Construction Waste Crusher can not work properly.

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