PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher

The Sealing Failure Of The Reducer Of The Pew Jaw Construction Waste Crusher

With the extension of the use time, the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher slows down a variety of failures. According to the relevant data statistics, 37% failure of the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher reducer is mechanical seal fault, 31% is bearing failure, and 32% is other reasons.


Leakage is one of the common failures of mechanical equipment. Due to the reasons for disclosure mainly has two aspects: one is due to mechanical machining, surface mechanical products must exist in all kinds of defects and the shape and size of the deviation, therefore, in mechanical parts joint will inevitably produce gap; two is sealed on both sides of the pressure difference, working medium will leak through the gap. Reducing or eliminating the gap is the main way to prevent leakage.

The sealing effect is the joint clearance between the seal, isolation or cut off leakage channels, increase in resistance or leakage channels, in the channel with small power components, pressure on the leakage, and leakage caused by pressure or partially offset balance, to prevent leakage.

Common Failure Of Machine Seal In Pew Jaw Construction Waste Crusher Reducer

  • 1. The seal leaks in the running of the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher reducer;
  • 2, the seal surface is stable and leakage;
  • 3, oil seal aging, shaft wear and so on;

Failure often leads to the oil leakage of the input and output shaft of the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher reducer.

The Usual Method Of Processing


  • 1, the shaft sleeve is installed to protect the wear of the transmission shaft.
  • 2, adjust the oil seal spring;
  • 3, oil seal end cover adjustment;
  • 4, oil seal rotation and other processing methods;

However, if the oil seal is badly damaged and the equipment does not have long - time shutdown conditions, the above method can not solve the leakage problem in time and effectively.

With the progress of material and manufacturing technology, the reliability of mechanical seal has been greatly improved, and the mechanical seal itself can run without fault for many years. Because of the reason of the machine sealing itself, the leakage of the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher reducer is not much. When dealing with the leakage problem of PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher decelerator, we must consider the factors such as installation accuracy, operation and operation conditions, and assembly accuracy of the PEW Jaw Construction Waste Crusher reducer, and find out the reasons and solve the existing problems.

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